About Us

Double R Stables is owned and run by Rhonda Porter

Horses of course rule at Double R Stables here in Waxahaw, North Carolina , but we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the two-legged partners that make the farm such a great place…   

Rhonda and her children, Ashley and Luke are the Porter family.  Ashley lives close by with her own family and Luke is off in California pursing a career in Hollywood    They took this 44-acre farm and completely renovated it, turning older outbuildings into large, comfortable barns with all the amenities any horse or human could want.  And they continue to work and improve the place, always looking for new things to add in order to give their boarders unsurpassed service and facilities. If you have a wish, the Porters will do their very best to fulfill it if possible!


Fermin Aguilar

Farm / Horse Caretaker

Rhonda Porter

Rhonda Porter


Rhonda gives Double R the classy, yet homey touch with her flowers planted and hanging through-out and her decorative touches in the lounges.  She also is the farm administrator and keeps the boarders completely up-to-date with her frequent status updates on Facebook, emails, calendar events and postings on the barn message boards.