Abby Damico - Trainer


Abby has been riding and working around horses for 15 years now. She mainly concentrated on Hunters/Jumpers but have a passion for Dressage, which she took up 5 years ago while she studied Equestrian Studies English Riding/Training Emphasis at The University of Findlay. The first 2 years at The University of Findlay she concentrated on Hunter/Jumpers and then moved to Dressage with a weekly jumping lesson. She wanted to improve her overall position and ability, as well as her horses, in the Hunter/Jumper ring so that is why she started Dressage. 

In Dressage she has competed up to 1st Level and school movements that are in 4th Level. She was fortunate enough to be trained by Janet Harms while at The University of Findlay and be able to ride a variety of horses from training level and advanced level horses. 
Her Hunter/Jumper background goes back to 1998 when she first started jumping. Over the years she has done mainly schooling shows, a few rated, and in 2010 she competed in a hunter derby with her personal horse Pistol.  She jumps up to 4’ and does a variety when she is schooling her horse. If you see her riding Pistol at the farm you will see that she incorporates dressage into her training rides with him. They have a nice productive warm up before they start any jumping. She wants him to be supple and responsive to my aids before she asks him to do anything more.
She tries to only jump a single horse no more than 4 times a week, preferably 3 days. The rest are flat rides that may incorporate ground poles, cavaletties, Dressage movements, etc. Also, the days she does jump she likes to create a variety with gymnastics, placing poles (if needed for the horse or rider), a variety of lines, etc.   She never wants the horse to get bored or lazy from doing the same thing every ride. By changing it up, it may add a challenge for some horses, which will only make them better down the road.
Abby encourages any questions about what she does or have done using Dressage (how it can help you/your horse), etc… Feel free to contact her or stop by if you see her at the barn.
Here is a little excerpt about dressage:
Dressage, by definition, is simply training the horse.  Correct dressage training increases awareness and is beneficial for any horse, any rider and any breed.  In dressage training, the natural movements that the horse can make on his own are trained to be more balanced, supple, and obedient.  In dressage competition, these natural movements are repeated as exercises in the ring, and scored to give riders a gauge for the quality of their performances.  
Focusing on dressage helps you gain a working relationship with your horse, and create self-confidence that helps meet the challenges that horses present on a daily basis.

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