Horse Boarding

At Double R we pride ourselves on providing the absolute first class horse care and management.  We always strive to keep our horses happy and healthy.
In order to serve your individual horse needs more specifically we now offer Care Packages in addition to our general board, see below. 
Each stall has a placard stating all specific instructions for your horse, including your care package options.  This ensures that each and every horse is accurately and immediately taken care of in any situation.

General Boarding Rates:

  • Upper Barn-  (12x12 stalls):   $600/per month
  • Middle Barn- (12x12 stalls, with individual cross-ties):  $650/per month
  • Lower Barn-  (12x20 stalls, with individual cross-ties):   $675/per month

 General Boarding Includes:

  • Daily Pasture Turnout (day or night, depending on season) with other horses
  • Stall cleaned daily with pine shavings
  • Use of all facilities amenities (hot/cold wash bays, lounges, riding rings, etc.)
  • High Quality Feed 2 x Daily (Grain, Hay, Fresh Water)
  • Supplements provided by owner and administered by Double R

 horse boarding lower barnhorse boarding - middle barnhorse boarding pasture

Extra-care Packages Available:

Individualized Turn Out:

Private Paddock:  $75.00 per Month

         There are limited Private Paddocks available, please inquire for details and location.

Care Choices:

Standard Care: $0.00 Per Month (Included with Standard Board)

  • Blanketing as instructed (temperature designed, as per our Horse Information Placard indicates)
  • Fly Mask put on and off Daily.
  • Fly spray administered before turn out (supplied by owner)
  • Bell/Sport Boots put on and off daily


Daily Care: $125.00 Per Month $15.00 per request/requirement

  • Mud removal/spray down
  • Hooves picked, thrush prevention (supplied by owner)
  • Curried/Brushed (Grooming Spray and/or Liniment/Ointment for coat as needed or instructed, supplied by owner)


Medical Care:  $150.00 per Month (all supplies provided by owner)

  • Medication Adminstration & Monitoring
  • Post-surgical/injury wound care (includes bandage changes)
  • Standing/support wraps
  • Cold/hot hosing, packs
  • Hoof soaking
  • Prescribed Exercise (Hand walking/grazing)
  • Daily Logs and regular owner/trainer/veterinarian updates
  • On-site Veterinarian appointment supervision